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Bot MD helps you automate patient engagement and remote monitoring by powering WhatsApp, Viber, FB Messenger, LINE and iMessage
to drive greater revenue and efficiency for your hospital or clinic.

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Used by leading healthcare organizations to engage patients around the world:

Automate all your patient workflows through chat

Customize your clinical workflows and automate remote monitoring, scheduling and medication reminders and education through powering popular chat apps.

Remote monitoring & PROMS

Automate the collection of PROMS and remote monitoring of vital signs and clinical conditions

Patient Education

Train Bot MD to instantly respond to Patient FAQs and send targeted education information

Patient reminders

Send automated reminders for monitoring, medication refills and follow-up visits

Scheduling reminders

Make it easy for your patients to schedule appointments without having to call

How it works

Step one

Create your workflow

Choose the workflow you want to automate - scheduling, remote monitoring, education or create a new reminder program

Step TWO

Enroll your patients

Bot MD instantly sends patients a message in their native language through their preferred chat app.

Step three

Let Bot MD
automate the rest

Bot MD automatically sends reminders, care messages and helps to triage submissions based on your settings.

Designed to reduce workload for busy care teams

Bot MD Care makes it easy to enroll patients into your programs. We also automatically triage and display the patients who need help or who are non-compliant so you can view them easily.

Supports bulk enrollment and discharge of patients
Triage submissions based on custom alert thresholds
Easily view abnormal submissions and non-compliant patients
Plot clinical trend graphs automatically

Enhance patient compliance
by powering popular
chat platforms

Reach your patients without them having to download another app. Bot MD Care works across all mobile devices and chat platforms.  Send messages in any language.

Customers using Bot MD achieve 85% compliance to remote monitoring.
Integrates WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, FB Messenger, iMessage, SMS etc.
Patients do not need to download an app.
Doctors and Nurses do not need to share their personal numbers to communicate.

Enterprise grade security

We know how important it is to keep your patient data secure and private. Bot MD never collects sensitive patient information through chat.  We only use them as channels to engage, remind and educate your patients.

We have also implemented stringent security measures in our core infrastructure and the way we protect and handle your patient information.

Secure forms to collect patient information
ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC2 and SOC3 certified
Messages are encrypted at rest and in transit
Host on your own cloud or on prem servers

Learn how leading hospitals and clinics use Bot MD Care to improve efficiency and patient outcomes



Alexandra Hospital used
Bot MD Care to better manage their Diabetes patients in their virtual hospital program

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NUHS used Bot MD Care to automate home care workflows and remote vital signs monitoring through WhatsApp.

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National University Hospital scaled vital signs monitoring to 500+ COVID-19 patients and saved 3,500 bed days

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Automate the scoring and collection of patient reported outcomes and and patient experience measures through surveys and reminders sent in chat

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Post surgical outcomes

Increase the efficiency of post-surgical monitoring through the capture of images and videos and automatic outcome scores

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Clinical Trials

Scale the monitoring of clinical trial patients with drug dosing reminders, adverse event reporting and instantly handling of patient FAQs

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Peritonitis detection

National Kidney Transplant Institute used Bot MD Care to detect peritonitis in their new Peritoneal Dialysis patients in the Philippines

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Home Care

HomeGP Asia used Bot MD Care to automate their caregiver visits and
reports so that they could reduce the number of WhatsApp group chats

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ASHA IVF clinic used Bot MD Care to automate their stimulation and trigger injection reminders, symptoms monitoring and embryo growth updates

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Scheduling & Medication reminders

Northeast Medical Group used Bot MD Care to automate medication reminders and refills for their chronic patients

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Vaccination reminders

inHarmony Vaccination Clinic used Bot MD Care to automate vaccination reminders and post vaccination symptoms monitoring

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Health screening & Labs

Granostic Labs used Bot MD Care to automate health screening and
blood test reminders for
chronic patients

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