Boost your hospital productivity with a Super App that Doctors & Nurses love 😍

Bot MD integrates all your hospital information systems to provide instant answers to call rosters, hospital directory, guidelines, drugs, HR leave policies and more.

Empowering 20,000+ doctors and nurses globally

Keep your existing hospital systems. Bot MD integrates them all.

Designed to be used by single departments or the entire hospital

Call Rosters

Search daily on call and department rosters. Integrate multiple roster systems like Amion and HMS.

Hospital Guidelines

Integrate Sharepoint or Google drive to search your hospital guidelines anytime and anywhere.

Drug & Lab Information

Search drug and lab test availability, prices, dosing information and more.

Hospital Directory

Search your hospital directory in seconds.

Clinical Alerts

Receive ECG, lab and radiology alerts and view them directly on your phone.

Other Clinical Content

Search UpToDate and over 500+ clinical calculators from MDCalc and QxMD.

Staff E-Learning

Integrate your E-Learning portal for easy accessibility

HR Policies

Easily search HR policies, apply for leave and reimbursement claims

Custom Clinical Modules

Create point-of-care decision support tools based on your hospital workflows

Integrated search. Accessible anywhere.

No more switching between apps. Bot MD is designed for the busy clinician and nurse who need answers fast.

Find out who's on call within seconds

Say goodbye to being put on hold by your hospital operator. Bot MD helps you instantly search who’s on call and how to reach them.

Search on call, nursing and department rosters.
Integrate multiple roster systems for search.
Search your hospital directory 10x faster.

Search all your hospital protocols from your phone

With Bot MD, you never have to waste time trying to navigate the notorious intranet. Search all your hospital protocols at once - right from your phone.

Search and view all hospital guidelines.
Find within feature allows you to search within longer guidelines.
Integrates Box, Google Drive, Sharepoint.

Save time typing with intelligent autosuggestions and predictive options

Bot MD provides you with autosuggestions and predictive options so you don't have to waste more time typing out the full query.

Autosuggestions for popular and historical queries.
Predictive quick options to get you to your next answer faster.
Shortcut buttons to get you to favorites and more.

Enterprise grade security

We know how important it is to keep your hospital information secure and private. Bot MD directly integrates your hospital information systems so data never leaves your servers.

ISO 27001; ISO 27017; ISO 27018; SOC 2; SOC 3
Supports Microsoft AD, Google SSO
Messages are encrypted at rest and in transit
2FA for user login; advanced security to remotely log users out

Manage everything with Einstein

Bot MD Hospital comes with Einstein to help you manage users, broadcasts and hospital content.

User Management

Easily add and remove users across hospital departments. Manage user groups and permissions.

User Analytics

Track usage across hospital departments.


Send hospital wide or targeted broadcasts to users and clinical groups.

Hospital Content

Sync your hospital files, guidelines and content easily.

Build custom clinical modules

Develop custom clinical modules using your hospital's guidelines and content. Embed them into Bot MD for on-the-go access.

Chemotherapy Cost

Quickly calculate the cost of chemotherapy cycles based on your hospital's drug formulary and regimens.

Drug Formulary

Easily search drug availability, formulations, pricing and more without calling down to Pharmacy.

Pediatric Dosing

Quickly calculate age and weight based dosing for pediatric patients based on your hospital's guidelines.

Staff Mental Health

Schedule mood check-ins and view your mood graph over time.

Discharge Planning

Make it easy for nurses to determine discharge criteria and step-down care facilities

Clinical Trials

Search your hospital's database for active trials, patient eligibility and enrollment criteria.

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