NKTI and Bot MD launch the First A.I.-powered Viber patient monitoring platform to scale care for Kidney patients in the Philippines

  • Bot MD Care is the first A.I. powered Viber patient monitoring platform to help enable remote monitoring and telehealth intervention of kidney patients.
  • In its initial rollout, the platform will be available to all dialysis and kidney transplant patients under the care of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI).
  • The A.I. platform helps doctors and nurses triage patient submissions so as to detect early signs of infection or symptoms that require immediate intervention.

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) today announced its partnership with A.I. health technology start-up Bot MD to scale the monitoring and care of its kidney patients across the Philippines with an A.I.-powered Viber-based patient monitoring platform.

Bot MD Care makes it easy for kidney patients or their caregivers to report their symptoms and conditions through simple monitoring forms that are automatically sent to them through Viber, a widely used consumer messaging chat app in the Philippines.  Patients can also submit images of their clinical condition including their dialysis access sites so that their clinical care team can easily monitor them for signs of infection.

The platform’s A.I. will automatically triage patient submissions for doctors and nurses to call out patients who are at risk of infection or require medical attention. The bot is also trained to respond to frequently asked patient questions in English and Tagalog and allows doctors and nurses to send targeted care messages and reminders to patients.

“One of the biggest challenges for us is the number of dialysis patients that we have to monitor. Many of our patients live in remote areas and have to travel a long distance to get to our hospital. Bot MD Care allows us to remotely monitor these patients using A.I. to triage their submissions so we can detect early stage infections and intervene quickly through teleconsultations or calls. Best of all, patients do not need to download any additional apps which helps to make it more convenient for them to report their condition to us.”

Dr Romina A. Danguilan
Deputy Executive Director, Medical Services, National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI)

Bot MD Care will be made available to all peritoneal dialysis patients, hemodialysis patients as well as post-kidney transplant patients under NKTI’s care. In the near future, NKTI plans to expand the platform to help monitor other patient conditions such as post surgical Urology patients as well as power other consumer messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

"Bot MD is honored to partner with the country’s leading kidney institute to help improve the quality of care for Filipino kidney patients. We believe that our platform will empower NKTI doctors and nurses to scale higher quality care to more dialysis patients across the country. In the coming months, we expect to expand the clinical use cases that we power beyond Kidney Diseases to include additional chronic diseases and conditions including primary care to reach more patients."

Ms Dorothea Koh
CEO and Co-Founder, Bot MD


  • Dialysis: It is a treatment that takes over your kidney functions if those organs stop doing their job. There are two types of dialysis - peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.
  • Peritoneal dialysis: This is a home-based dialysis treatment. A catheter is placed into your abdomen and a special fluid is circulated to absorb waste from the blood that passes through small vessels in your abdominal cavity. The fluid is then drained away.
  • Hemodialysis: This is usually done in a hospital facility or dialysis center. Your blood is put through a filter outside your body, cleaned, and then returned to you.

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Viber Patient Monitoring Platform

Once enrolled, a patient will receive a message on Viber through the official NKTI Bot MD Care Viber channel.


Assuring Patients

Patients are sent immediate feedback messages to acknowledge their submissions.


Simplify Monitoring Forms with Images

The monitoring form is illustrated with images to make it easy for patients to select the symptoms they are experiencing.


Monitoring Hemodialysis Patients

Hemodialysis patients can also report their symptoms to the NKTI clinical team.


Monitoring Access Sites

Peritoneal Dialysis patients can submit images of their exit sites so the NKTI clinical team can monitor them for early signs of infection and intervene.


Bot MD Care Clinical Dashboard

All patient submissions can be easily viewed on the Bot MD Care Dashboard (Mobile & Web). Doctors and Nurses can view alerts, patient submissions and also manage patients who are non compliant.


About Bot MD

Bot MD is a Y-Combinator backed startup with the mission of Empowering Doctors around the world. The company’s proprietary A.I. chat engine is able to integrate with hospital information systems to provide instant answers to doctor and patient queries. Bot MD can also power popular messaging platforms such as Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to help doctors easily automate patient workflows. Since 2018, Bot MD has been used by over 18,000 clinicians from leading hospitals and clinics around the world including the National University Health System, the National University Cancer Institute of Singapore, Parkway Hospitals, Siloam Hospitals, and the National Kidney Transplant Institute. For more information, visit www.botmd.com

About National Kidney and Transplant Institute

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute is a tertiary medical specialty center for renal care and transplantation in the Philippines. It is the center for referral of kidney patients from various regional hospitals in the nation. It has a three-fold mission of Service, Training and Research to provide Filipinos afflicted with kidney and allied diseases with specialized health and medical services.

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