Parkway launches first A.I. powered Digital Radiology Ordering System


Parkway Radiology has partnered with local health technology startup Bot MD to launch its first A.I. Powered Digital Radiology Ordering platform to allow hospitals and clinics across Singapore to schedule Radiology exams without having to call the Parkway call center.

The Digital Parkway Radiology Ordering system allows instant and real-time appointment scheduling at all of Parkway's Radiology Centers. Clinics can book appointments for a wide range of exams including MRI, CT, X-Ray, Mammogram, Ultrasound and more. Once a new booking has been made, the A.I. Bot will send an immediate confirmation message that includes a digital radiology order form to patients through WhatsApp, along with prep instructions for the radiology exam.

Clinics can also reschedule and cancel exam bookings online without having to the call the Radiology call center. The Bot MD A.I. also instantly notifies the clinic and doctor once a radiology report and scan is ready for viewing. Doctors and clinic staff can also query the Bot for information on Parkway's Radiology test catalogue as well as prep instructions for different radiology exams.

“As the largest private radiology service provider, I’m excited to be the first to launch a digital ordering platform with on-demand scheduling, offering greater accessibility and convenience for all our customers.”

Yujuan Tan
CEO, Parkway Radiology

Over the last few months, the number of clinics across Singapore who have used the new Digital Radiology Ordering system has grown significantly, with more than 8,000 radiology orders made on the platform to date. Patients have also provided positive feedback about the convenience of receiving appointment reminders and exam preparation information through WhatsApp.

"We are grateful for this opportunity to digitize the radiology ordering system for Singapore's largest radiology service provider and bring new-found convenience to clinical teams in Parkway hospitals and clinics as well as the huge network of clinics who are using Parkway Radiology service. Bot MD continues to expand our platform and integration with WhatsApp to digitize and improve clinical workflows for both hospitals and clinics."

Ms Dorothea Koh
CEO and Co-Founder, Bot MD

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