Siloam Sriwijaya automates Pediatric Vaccination reminders with A.I. Powered WhatsApp


To enhance patient experience and the quality of care, Siloam Sriwijaya Hospital has partnered Bot MD to introduce an A.I. powered platform that automates vaccination reminders using WhatsApp.

Parents with newborns delivered at Siloam Sriwijaya will receive automated WhatsApp reminders from the Hospital, without having to download another app. These reminders will inform parents of their child's required vaccination schedule from birth until they are 18 years old.

The reminders for the 15 vaccinations will be sent based on the National Vaccination Schedule published by the Pediatric Society of Indonesia (Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia, IDAI). After receiving each WhatsApp reminder, parents can easily schedule the next vaccination appointment through tapping a link sent to them in chat.

Nurses are able to enroll parents using a simple enrollment form and customize the child's vaccination reminder schedule if required. Once enrolled, parents will immediately receive a message through the Siloam Sriwijaya WhatsApp Business account.

"84% of patients we enrolled onto Bot MD have returned to Siloam for their next vaccination. Automated WhatsApp reminders are very effective because the parent is notified instantly without having to download another application. Our nurses love the Bot MD system also because it is simple and easy to use, and they no longer have to call patients manually.”

Dr Bona Fernando
CEO, Siloam Sriwijaya

"Our partnership with Siloam Sriwijaya has demonstrated the tremendous potential of A.I. to help automate patient reminders and engagement through WhatsApp. There are over 13,000 babies born in Indonesia every year. We are excited to have an opportunity to use technology to help improve the operational efficiency and quality of care for newborn babies across the country."

Ms Dorothea Koh
CEO and Co-Founder,
Bot MD


Conveniently Engage Patients with WhatsApp

Once enrolled, parents will instantly receive a WhatsApp message from Siloam Sriwijaya, making it convenient for the hospital to engage and retain their patients.


Automated Pediatric Vaccination Reminders

Bot MD Care helps automate scheduling reminders in WhatsApp for 15 vaccinations based on the IDAI national guidelines making it easy for parents to remember when their child's next vaccination is due.


Easily Schedule Appointments from WhatsApp

Each WhatsApp reminder sent to the parent comes with a convenient button link to schedule their next appointment. The link can redirect to the MySiloam App or to an online appointment portal.


About Bot MD

Bot MD is a Y-Combinator backed startup with the mission of Empowering Doctors around the world. The company’s proprietary A.I. chat engine is able to integrate with hospital information systems to provide instant answers to doctor and patient queries. Bot MD can also power popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and LINE to help doctors easily automate patient workflows. Since 2018, Bot MD has been used by over 20,000 clinicians from leading hospitals and clinics around the world including the National University Health System, the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore, Alexandra Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Parkway Radiology, the National Kidney Transplant Institute and Siloam Hospitals. For more information, visit

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